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FitnessRAW Twist-pro adjustable dumbells set with stand

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The smartest dumbbell ever!

Training with free weights is smart. You perform natural and functional exercises, at the same time building strength and balancing you. Twist, Peel, and Feel. Everything in one second.
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FitnessRAW Twist-pro adjustable dumbells set with stand

Dumbells set Twist-pro

The Twist-pro dumbbell set is a high-quality, easy-to-use, patented system. It consists of an adjustable dumbbell and a lever. With this you select the desired weight within a few seconds. Because you perform natural and functional exercises with free weights, you build strength and at the same time strengthen your balance.
In other words: twist, peel, feel within one second!

Expand your 20kg dumbell set!

You train and train and become stronger and stronger thanks to the adjustable dumbbell set weighing up to 20 kg. Would you then want to go a step harder? Then simply expand the Twist-pro dumbbell set with the special expansion kit to 32 kg. See, another saving. After all, you don't have to buy a whole new set.
If you order the 32kg dumbbell you will receive the 20kg dumbbells + the 12kg expansion kit.

We offer the dumbbell set in 2 variants: 20 and 32 kg.
Available in 2 variants:
FitnessRAW Twist-pro 20 kg Weight range: 2 kg - 4 kg - 8 kg - 12 kg - 16 kg - 20 kg
FitnessRAW Twist-pro 32 kg 2 kg - 4 kg - 8 kg - 12 kg - 16 kg - 20 kg - 24 kg - 28 kg - 32 kg

This is how the Dumbells set works


Why is this the smartest dumbbell set ever?

The Twist-pro dumbbell set takes up very little space and is a lot cheaper than other, less good fitness solutions for the home. Like too large racks or piles of weights. The dumbbell set will last for years because it is made of cast iron. Moreover, the design looks super sleek. With this dumbbell set in your home you definitely save costs: you no longer need to go to the gym (so often) and this dumbbell set is more affordable than different weights. Finally, this is the smartest dumbell ever, because it's user-friendly: you don't have to spend a lot of time changing your weight. This allows you to focus on the most important thing: your training.


Twist-pro dumbells set standard


Effortlessly lift the dumbbell set from its place? This is possible with this black-coated Twist-pro dumbells standard. Purchase this together with the Twist-pro adjustable dumbbell set and you have an ideal duo. In addition, this standard has a beautiful, rugged look and will not look out of place in your interior. Allow yourself that extra piece of comfort!


Twist-pro adjustable bench: extra comfort

Complete your Twist-pro dumbells set with standard with the Twist-pro adjustable bench. Also called the dumbbell bench. Crucial for a multifunctional dumbbell training. You can set the bar bench on multiple levels. It is also possible to train your abs with it; we can optionally attach legrests to it.


Expansion kit for the dumbells set


Want to expand your dumbbell set from 20 kg to 32 kg? This is possible with this expansion kit. Ideal if you need a heavier dumbbell set but don't want to buy a complete new one. This expansion kit gives the dumbbell set of 20 kg or 12 kg extra! The extension is easy to mount on your current dumbbell set.


Dumbells set for hotel chains and personal trainers

The dumbbell set is not only for the individual. Hotel chains and personal trainers also like to use it. Since the system takes up little space, there is enough room left over to design your fitness room even more versatile or to purchase another dumbbell set. That way you can offer your customers more or work out with larger groups. Please contact us if you want to know more.

5 stars based on 2 reviews
Ellen 14-09-2019

Erg fijne set en snelle levering. Heb hem nu 2 maanden en train er dagelijks mee

Marcel Tuinman 09-09-2019

Super tevreden met de twist pro dumbells. Het werd snel bezorgd en de kwaliteit is super.

5 stars based on 2 reviews