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fitnessRAW adjustable bench: extra comfort

Twist-pro adjustable bench: extra comfort.
Complete your Twist-pro dumbells set with standard with the Twist-pro adjustable bench. Also called the dumbbell bench. Crucial for a multifunctional dumbbell training.
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fitnessRAW adjustable bench: extra comfort

Why the dumbell bench is essential for your home training
A dumbell bench, also called a dumbbell bench or dumbbell bench, is a fitness device suitable for a multifunctional dumbbell training. Think of exercises for your abdominal muscles, back muscles, chest muscles, shoulder muscles, biceps and triceps. You can perform sitting, lying or supportive exercises on the bench. We can optionally attach legrests to the bench. This adjustable weight bench is particularly suitable for training with dumbbells. That is why we call the barbell bench the Twist-pro adjustable dumbell bench. When you purchase a bench for your home training this expands the possibilities and number of variations of exercises enormously.
The benefits of the dumbell bench

If you want to perform exercises with dumbbells, the dumbell bench is ideal. Here are some benefits:
  • You can train the entire upper body.
  • You can do well-controlled exercises.
  • You can do several different exercises.
  • You can use it in different positions: a flat position or various angled positions. Both upwards and downwards.
  • You can expand the bench with accessories.


Larger chest with the dumbell bench

Exercising on an adjustable dumbell bench is the best way to train the chest muscles (chest), triceps and shoulders. The chest muscles in particular can be used very effectively with dumbbells. You can change the exercises so that different bench presses can be performed. If you set the bench at a 45-degree angle, you can train the upper part of the chest muscles. If you set the bench with a lower handrail, you can train the lower part of the chest muscles.
Exercises on the dumbell

bench There are of course various exercises to be performed on the adjustable dumbell bench. Some of the dumbell exercises are: decline dumbell bench press, decline dumbell flyes and dumbell bench press. Here some more information about the exercises:

  • Decline dumbell bench press: with the handrail pointing downwards you bring two dumbbells at chest level straight up in a smooth motion.
  • Decline dumbell fly: with the handrail fully down, take two dumbbells in your hands and hold them together, above the chest. You lower the arms in a spreading motion with the elbows slightly bent.
  • Dumbell bench press: take the two dumbbells in your hand while lying on the flat bench. The palms of the hands point downwards. You bring the dumbbells to the shoulders approximately at the height of the side of the chest. You raise the dumbbells until the arms are fully extended. The dumbbells may then touch each other.
Train at home with the Twist-pro adjustable bench 

Training on the Twist-pro adjustable couch is very effective and can easily be done at home. Because you only need to purchase 1 dumbbell set, they take up little space. Exercising at home is sometimes nice: it saves you time not to travel to the gym first and you can also train when it suits you best. Make a place for yourself in your house. With the sturdy, raw look of the Twist-pro dumbbell products you create a good training atmosphere. Let the gains come.

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