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Twist-pro dumbbells set

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Sturdy, beautiful, handy and good for your wallet. Curious about the smartest adjustable dumbbell set ever? Check it here.
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Twist-pro dumbbells set

The smartest adjustable dumbbell set ever!

With this dumbbell set you train at home as easily as in the gym. Easily adjust the weight and get started! No piles of weights in your house, a sleek design and high quality.

Benefits at a glance
Easy to adjust: twist, peel, feel
Patented system
Takes up little space
Cheaper than other (less good) fitness solutions
Lasts a long time
Cast iron
Available in 2 variants:
FitnessRAW Twist-pro 20 kg: Weight range: 2 kg - 4 kg - 8 kg - 12 kg - 16 kg - 20 kg
FitnessRAW Twist-pro 32 kg: 2 kg - 4 kg - 8 kg - 12 kg - 16 kg - 20 kg - 24 kg - 28 kg - 32 kg

Why the FitnessRAW Twist-pro adjustable dumbbell set?

There are various fixed and adjustable dumbbell sets on the market. Fixed sets offer you one fixed weight: not very efficient if you want to train at home. Before you know it you have a rack full of dumbbells of all kinds of different weights in your room. An adjustable dumbbell set, where you can vary in weight, is therefore a more logical choice. But which one do you choose? Because one adjustable dumbbell set can vary considerably in quality, design, price and ease of use than the other. Our answer: choose the Twist-pro dumbbell set. This is the smartest of them all.

Easily adjust the weight of your dumbbells

You want to train and you don't have to struggle with setting weights. We have understood that well with the Twist-pro adjustable dumbbell set. Thanks to our patented system, with an adjustable barbell and a lever, the adjustment of the weight is arranged within a few seconds. So you can quickly get started with your exercises, such as the dumbbell press incline, dumbbell lunges or other dumbbell exercises for at home.


Cast iron dumbbells, can't be broken!
What you often see with adjustable dumbbell sets is that they lose some of their quality. For example, adjustment mechanisms are often made of plastic, which wears out over time and can cause defects. However, the adjustable dumbbell set from Twist-pro is made entirely of cast iron. So it lasts much longer.
Not only good for gains, but also for the wallet
If something sounds so good, it often sounds like an expensive joke. But the joke is right: with the Twist-pro adjustable dumbbell set you save a lot of money. Do the math: you have everything you need in one go, so put an end to that expensive subscription to the gym. Moreover, you only need one handy set at home. That is a lot cheaper than a large rack with a number of different weights. And it also lasts longer, so you can use it for years.
Need extra weight? No problem: view the expansion kit
You train and train and become stronger and stronger thanks to the adjustable dumbbell set weighing up to 20 kg. Would you then want to go a step harder? Then simply expand the Twist-pro dumbbell set with the special expansion kit to 32 kg. See, another saving. After all, you don't have to buy a whole new set.
Good looking: a rugged adjustable dumbbell set
Let's face it, while exercising it is also nice if your material looks a bit attractive. And even if you are not exercising, it is nice if your fitness equipment does not look out of place in your interior. Let's think about that too with the Twist-pro adjustable dumbbell set! The set has a super sleek black design. Extra accessories such as the Twist-pro dumbbells set as standard and Twist-pro adjustable bench also have that nice, rugged look. Sport in style!


4.5 stars based on 2 reviews
Erik Fieldmann 30-11-2019

A very nice and robust set + fast delivery to Germany.

Mark Verwater 02-11-2019

Sinds 4 weken mee aan het trainen. Werkt goed

4.5 stars based on 2 reviews


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Fitness Raw Twist-pro dumbbells set