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About us

FitnessRAW was founded in 2013 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs who had their own vision in the world of functional fitness. The entrepreneurs have also earned their marks in defense and the police, together they are good for more than 25 years of experience within the Marine Corps. They know better than anyone what the importance of a good training facility during a training or mission.
Where the facilities in the Netherlands were always good, it often left something to be desired in the mission areas. Improvising a gym with bad materials during a mission is no longer of this time. That should be easier and better!


With these thoughts in mind, the first version of the deployment box was developed in our own workshop in 2013. Quality and functionality have been our guidelines during this process. No steel pans, but solid material from Dutch soil. And a short line with the end user so that we were constantly provided with feedback has resulted in a complete and (typically Dutch) end product.
Because we are able to have our product easily tested by the end user (defense), we can say with conviction that in the year 2019 we are proud of the product that we have.

In addition to the Deployment Box, fitnessRAW has also had a unique twist-pro dumbbell since 2019, which is the ultimate combination of functionality and design. A sleekly designed dumbbell set that can be adjusted with a simple hand movement to the different weight options up to 32 kg. Perfect for the personal trainer with limited space or the home trainer.

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